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Below are some frequently asked questions we get here at Loosha

What fragrances does LOOSHA have available?

LOOSHA candles are available in many, many different fragrances and essential oil blends.  Click here for details: LOOSHA Fragrance List Nov 2017

What are LOOSHA candles made from?

LOOSHA uses non genetically modified, sustainable soy wax, coconut oil and lead-free, slow burning cotton wicks.  Our blended fragrant oils are used to produce intense, highly scented fragrances in a multitude of combinations and ‘flavours’. Many fragrant oils contain essential oils as part of their blends.    All of our products are non-toxic.

Are LOOSHA candles triple scented?

LOOSHA candles are made using the maximum fragrance load possible in our soy wax.  Our candles are guaranteed to retain their fragrance from the very first burn to the last drop of wax in the jar.

Does LOOSHA use essential oils?

LOOSHA offers a range of aromatherapy essential oil candles.  Essential oils are used for their healing properties and both for their fragrance and its effects on mood and emotion whether you just need to relax, energise or help soothe your spirit – also known as ‘aromatherapy’.   Essential oil candles may not have the same strength of fragrance (throw) as a fragrant oil candles due to the lower level of concentrations however it is believes that the benefit of burning essential oils lingers long after the scent disappears.  Whilst fragrant oils don’t have the same proclaimed health benefits as essential oils, burning these candles still creates positive psychological effects from the ambient aroma of fragrances and help to influence a ‘mood’. This is often referred to as ‘aroma-chology’.

Does LOOSHA do refills?

LOOSHA offers you a rebate upon the return of an empty container which can be used towards your next purchase.  In some instances LOOSHA refills your empty containers and in other, recycles and upcycles your containers.

What should I do with my empty container?

There are a variety of uses for your empty LOOSHA container – have it refilled or recycled by LOOSHA, or upcycle the container to suit your own purposes – cotton ball holders, make up swabs, paperclips, pens, seeds, nuts, buttons, earrings and jewellery holders, cute little plant holders – the list is only limited by your imagination.  To clean your empty LOOSHA container, simply wash in warm soapy water to remove the wax residue.

Why is my LOOSHA candle leaving wax on the sides?

If your candle was not left to burn cleanly across the entire surface (melt pool), the next time it is burnt it will only melt the wax in the smaller pool that was previously created.  To rectify this, you can use a hairdryer to melt the residual wax on the sides of the candle so that you are starting again with a flat surface.

My candle smells strong before I light it but when it’s burning, I can’t smell it.

The amount of aroma your candle will produce (also known as fragrance throw) is determined by the size of the melt pool.  As the melt pool becomes wider and the wax warms, the fragrance is released.  If your room is too big for your melt pool, you will only get a small ‘throw’ of fragrance.  For large rooms we recommend having one or two large candles burning.  To test your fragrance, we suggest lighting your candle in a small room (e.g. bathroom) and leaving it with the door shut for 30 minutes.  When you open the door, you should be greeted with a burst of aroma – this indicates that there is nothing wrong with your candle other than perhaps the size of the room that you wish to fragrance.

Why can’t I smell my candle anymore?

Our brains are pretty sensitive to smell –it’s actually the most powerful of our senses (this is our ‘olfactory’ sense).  So, when we have smelt an aroma for a period of time, we become ‘used to it’.  Kind of like when you first put perfume on and you can smell it but after half an hour or so you don’t notice it anymore, yet when you meet someone, they comment on your perfume.  You can reset your olfactory senses by smelling something like coffee beans.

Does LOOSHA wholesale?

LOOSHA welcomes wholesale enquiries.   Click Here for more information on becoming a LOOSHA stockist.

Does LOOSHA have bonbonierre or do weddings?

LOOSHA welcomes enquiries for weddings and bonbonierre and can provide generous discounts for your volume order.  We have a number of small individual items that are ideally suited to bonbonierre and will ensure your guests leave your special event with a memory that will last longer than a slice of cake.